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Problems in streaming worship - MUSIC



We've used Zoom for our worship streaming and, while spoken parts (readings sermon & prayers) come through fine, music does not (neither organ, instrumental or vocal).

We have used different mobile devices and different plug-in microphones but the problem persists.

Has anyone experienced this? How can it be remediated?




We're having the same problem, so I'll be watching this thread and hoping for some help.  We've been streaming through VMix with output to zoom and Facebook.  A few weeks ago the zoom group was getting no audio at all.  I got that corrected (in a way that seemed like it shouldn't work but did) but since then they have not been able to hear any music.  I have changed to "original sound" (part of noise suppression - in audio settings) which should have worked but didn't.  (If you haven't tried that, you should).   I'm still looking for a miracle! 

Fortunately most of our people are on FB.

Switching to Original sound should work, as you say, but it doesn’t. It’s the suggested solution I’m getting across the board but it doesn’t seem to help at all. 
I’ve used different iPhones with no difference in result. I’ve used a variety of plug in microphones, some with remote receivers that I’ve placed closer to the choir or organ but they haven’t helped either. Spoken parts of our service come through fine for the most part. It’s just music - both organ and vocal - that doesn’t come through.