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Problem when using RME "TotalMix FX".


I am having a problem when using RME "TotalMix FX".

I have Zoom software installed on my Mac Book Pro.
It looks like Zoom's mic volume control is syncing with TotalMix's faders.

When an over-level volume is input, I think the Zoom's mic volume will drop, even if the Zoom's automatic volume control is turned off
In that case, the "TotalMix fader" will also be affected.

Furthermore, we have confirmed that this problem occurs even when the Zoom software is closed
It was not resolved until I uninstalled Zoom.

Other similar services (Skype, Discord, etc.) do not have this problem.

The zoom audio device is a very nice feature and I would like to continue to use it, but
I am having trouble installing it because of this problem.

The environment in which the problem is occurring is as follows
- Mac Book Pro (15inch 2018)
- Mac OS 12.4
- Zoom (latest version as of 2023/01/15)


I'm looking for a solution.
(Sorry if the language is strange because my native language is not English)