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Problem after last update - version 5.16.2 (22807)


I have been using a Surface Pro 3 for several years with no issues.  This evening I started having issues with audio after the mentioned update.  I use a set of Beats Wireless Studio 3 headphones.  The are used as a wired headphone.  After this update, the headphones do not have any audio.  If you check out the operating system (Win 10 Pro x64), everything is perfect.

IF you have the Zoom application shut down, headphones work properly.  If you open the Zoom application, you only get audio from the speakers of the Surface Pro 3.  No matter if you have the headphones plugged in or not.  I have checked the usual things, including battery charge levels.

There is obviously something that has changed with the latest update.  I use this unit, at least twice a week for remote meetings.  The use of the headphones, is required, due to my spouse's hearing issues.  I will almost guarantee that other users are having these issues.

Thank You for your assistance,





I'm having the exact same issue on a Surface Pro 7.  Did you ever find a solution?