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ProTip #3 - Zoom Support website

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Do you have a question? Chances are there’s a support article on it 📖


We encourage you to browse the new and improved Zoom Support site! There you will find articles and videos with detailed steps that will help you quickly find the solutions to all your Zoom-related questions. 




If you are having difficulty accessing cloud recordings, for example, you can utilize the search function to populate the support articles with troubleshooting steps for cloud recordings. As you type your search term(s), relevant articles will be suggested for you. 


You can also open the Product Support dropdown menu to browse for support based on each of the Zoom product areas, such as Meetings, Marketplace, Chat, etc.


For additional information about a certain topic, you can use the Support By Topic option which will allow you to browse our knowledge base for content that will help you get started with Zoom. 


Be sure to carefully read each article and ensure that you meet the listed prerequisites for using that feature or setting. Some features require a specific account type, as well as setup and configuration by an account admin before end-users can access it, while others are available for all users but simply need to be enabled in the web portal before they are available in your next meeting.


There is so much to find on the Zoom Support site, from getting started guides all the way to designs for complete Zoom Room environments to suit different needs, so explore and learn more about Zoom now! 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Zoom Community Team
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