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Pro Licensed Users and Simultaneous meetings


Hello, I have a Pro account with 3 Licensed users. Each have Scheduling Privileges for the other. I am having issues with simultaneous meetings being held and I am told that it is because all of the (recurring) meetings were SCHEDULED by the same user. This makes no sense to me. I though that was the purpose of scheduling privileges. So Sally is in a meeting and Judy tries to start another meeting that she is listed as the host, but she can't because said meeting was created by Sally. We have 4 weekly recurring meetings and this is a major issue. 

We also have an Acuity account that is creating meeting so I don't know if that will also be an issue...

We don't need a Business account since we only have 3 users.

Please help!



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer


When scheduling a meeting using proxy scheduling privileges, you must choose whose account to use.
If one person schedules the meeting, you must use different accounts.


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Thank you! Yes, that is what I am doing. I am logged into my account and I schedule the meetings for the other 2 users. I enter myself and them as alternative hosts. We are unable to start a 2nd meeting is either of them is currently in a different meeting.