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Preventing any interruptions without locking the meeting.


Hello, is there tried and tested procedure for preventing any unwanted interruptions during a meeting, without having to lock the meeting. I want people to be able to enter the meeting anytime they want (no waiting room) and even leave anytime they want, but NOT interrupt in any way a powerpoint presentation that I will be giving. I need assurance that the act of people coming and going will not remove the focus of my mouse slide advance  - I'm using a Kensington wireless clicker. And of course I need no have zero noise from participants and I don't want anyone else picture from appearing over mine. My current thinking is:

Spotlight for Everyone, Mute All, Mute All Upon Entry and untick 'Allow Participants to Unmute Themselves'. 


Is this correct or is there a better way, have I left anything out?


Thank you in advance!






Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

HI @Philip5063 Thanks for your contribution to Zoom support. 

Organizing your meeting can be done in many ways. It depends on how you would like to control your meeting. 

You could also organize a webinar instead of a meeting where you will get exactly what you want with zero interruptions.


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Thank you,  I should have said that I can only host a regular meeting, not a webinar.