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Pre-assigning breakouts


Hi all - please help me!


Here's the challenge. 


We are looking to scale up a cohort based course offer to intakes of 500 using Zoom meetings. We want breakout rooms of 6-8 (so need about 80 breakout rooms)


Assigning them manually during the live call isn't an option due to the time taken to do this. 


We are exploring pre-assigning breakouts but it requires everybody to have a Zoom account (and being honest, who actually HAS a Zoom account?). I'm not averse to needing people to create an account - but would rather it be with my own organisation or an event management tool rather than just Zoom itself. 


Does anyone have any bright ideas? Is there an integration that pushes or bulk creates Zoom accounts? Is there a Zapier Zap I can use?


We need to pre-assign breakouts but am really loathed to get people creating Zoom accounts. Anyone been facing a similar challenge? Thanks so much



Only the host needs an account to host a Zoom meeting. Users can join without a zoom account.

For security reasons and for breakout room pre assignment I would recommend using a Zoom meeting registration. 


Once registered users can be pre assigned to breakout rooms, but they must attend the meeting and sign in with the same account that they pre registered with or they will not be able to access the meeting.


Zoom has large meeting add ons to increase the maximum capacity of the amount of meeting participants.