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Pre assigning Breakout Rooms


Is this a correct statement--

ALL participants must have a Zoom account and the email address they use for their Zoom account must be the same which is on my csv file I upload.

If the above statement is correct and only 50 of the 100 participants have Zoom accounts, will I still be able to upload the csv file? Will Zoom only pre-assign those with Zoom accounts and ignore the others or will it ignore all??

What is the best way to assign breakout rooms if pre-assignment is not an option?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @Kathy_ ! Here's the Zoom support article about which you may find useful

Hope this helps.


Also I did a quick test, I believe it pre-assigned even the one account that I didn't have a Zoom account yet.


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yes it will let you put whatever you want in the csv, the question is once the meeting is started, will it accept those on the csv file whose email address is not listed with Zoom as having an account?? I dont believe it will... Can anybody answer this for certain?