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Powerpoint Pausing need to show presenter


When sharing my screen to show some Powerpoint slides the viewers naturally see the slide and me in a small window. My problem is that I want to show a few slides, then revert to them seeing just me speaking and then repeat the process but if I pause the share the last slide stays up and I remain small. The only way I seem able to get myself back as the focus is to stop the presentation but then when I want to show more slides later it is a problem as i need to go through the whole share process again and as a result the presentation is not smooth and professional.

Is there a way to minimize the slide window and maximize my live feed and then when I again show a few more slides to minimize myself and show the presentation. Hope that is understandable



This was my very first post on the forum and sadly nobody has replied. It is surely not a difficult question. I can only assume the forum is dead and nobody reads or replies which is sad.


This is also my question.