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Popping audio with microphone setup


Hi everyone,


i’m using a setup with two Oktava 012s and a Motu M2 audio interface. I use this set up to get higher audio quality for music. The set up sounds fine on my DAW, but when I try to use it in a zoom meeting, it sounds very static-y and poppy. This set up worked fine on zoom as recently as a couple months ago. My onboard laptop mic works fine in zoom meetings. I have a good connection, zoom is fully updated, and I’ve done every troubleshooting step offered on Motu‘s web site. 

any ideas what could be causing these audio quality problems?




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi Joseph,

    There is a setting that may help. Under Audio settings you'll see Show in-meeting option to enable "Original Sound"


More on the setting here:

Hello Tom,


Thanks for your reply. I tried this, as well as the other settings (high fidelity music mode, echo cancellation, and others), with no change in the popping.

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Sorry that didn't work for you.
Are you able to try your setup on another computer to see if you have the same results?
It may be best to open a ticket with our support team. then click Contact Support


Sounds like the sample rates in windows and motu might not be matching/syncd. Is the symc motu to windows sample rate box checked in your motu settings?