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Poly X Devices Showing Offline in Zoom Portal


I have a client who is having issues with Poly Devices showing online in Zoom Portal. Devices are physically on but show offline in the Zoom Portal. This would happen after a reboot. This is not helpful as the client doesn't know the true state of the device status. Any insight on this situation would be great. I have not ran into this situation before. Poly X devices running zoom platform. They have multiple sites and x series devices all having the same issue. The client would like to resume back to zoom weekly reboots of equipment. This is the current solution the client has found to be a bandaid "Current solution is turn off weekly reboot in Zoom Portal and also require local POC to click “back” on controller which relaunches Zoom. We require a solution where we can turn weekly reboots back on and also not require local physical contact with unit to show devices online in Zoom portal. " After initial reboot, the devices looks like it's in 'Poly' mode and clicking the 'back' button would enable zoom mode again and turn online for the customer. I have provided a photo of that as well. Was able to retrieve logs of before/after this event occurring, and was not able to find anything. Thank you.