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Polls during meetings (Wi-Fi vs. mobile data)


Usually, I run my Zoom meetings using the Wi-Fi connection. Just recently, I had to switch to my mobile data (due to internet connection problems). By doing that my poll button disappeared. When finally switching back to my network, polls showed up again and I were able to launch them. What has happened? What do I need to change that I can see/launch my pools when using mobile data? Any help is appreciated. 🙏


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hey, @LinnCanning,


I’m guessing that something else is also different – not that it matters much, but the type of network connectivity shouldn’t affect the user interface


Whenever you think there’s an icon missing on the Zoom lower menu bar, always go to the More menu and look there. If you were authorized for the Poll feature, it probably still exists – just relocated to the More menu due to space constraints on the bottom menu bar. 

If it’s not there, please see if there’s any other difference – using a different account?  Using the web browser instead of the Zoom App? Things like that. 

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Hello Ray,
thanks for your help.
I did indeed look in the "more" menu, but there was no poll icon listed. Since I was online with all my Zoom participants, I didn't have much time to figure out what else I could do. Just switching back to Wi-Fi (thankfully it had started working again) seemed like a solution.
I reached out to tech support. As soon as they find a solution, I will let you and the community know.