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Poll tab missing


Hi all,

I have a licensed account and have always been able to create, launch, etc. polls within meetings / virtual training however I've gone in today to set up for training this coming week and there is no ability to do this. 

Have searched through the support info and it keeps referring to the tab for the poll but it's not there...anywhere.


Screen grab is attached as reference.

Please can someone provide some guideance here? I'm not sure of next steps but I need this for Tuesday (Australian time).

Thanks so much.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @rachelm1! Welcome to the Zoom Community and thank you for your contribution 🙂


In your Zoom Portal, select the meeting you wish to create the poll for, scroll down to the bottom to the polls/quizzes tab and then select the Create button. That should do it!


I hope this helps!

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It seems like there was no real attempt to answer the question given the details the OP provided. Disappointing.

I have the same issue... there is no polls/quizzes tab nor a create button


same issue. Licensed user with no polls tab like is described in this help article


I had the same difficulty finding the Polls Tab for Webinars. Then I created a meeting and found it by experimenting.


First create a meeting or webinar. As you save it, three choices appear at the top of the page: "Details", "Polls/Quizzes", "Survey".  And of course, Polls/Quizzes must be enabled in the settings first to be an option.



I tried this, but I only have the following tabs: 'Details, Survey, and Live Streaming'


Have you confirmed the setting is turned on in your user profile settings?