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Poll report fails to generate


I tried to generate a poll report several times today and each time it comes back failed to generate.

Is anyone having the same problem?



Yes, I have tried five or more times to run the polling report tonight and get the same answer every time. Poll report failed to generate. Is there any way of alerting Zoom to fix the problem? The chat bot is a waste. I tried.



I have the same issue.   I get the message "Generate error. Delete".  I also get the same results from different polls from different meetings.


We are having this problem too. Zoom needs to respond to this issue of the poll reports not generating. We use this tool in grading students an our term is coming to an end. Can someone from Zoom please respond!?


I have been on the support chat with Zoom twice now since Monday. Yesterday's chat ended with "it may not be fixed until June 18th when a bug fix is released," which is absolutely absurd. I also use it to grade students and keep attendance throughout my classes. I was told that this is affecting only meetings with no defined time and to change mine, but that allows only daily meetings that end after 8 days. I have changed it, and suddenly, I have 8 meetings, each ending when I don't want them to. This is a mess. I cannot believe that Zoom would wait for 3 weeks to fix something that affects many customers. Please, Zoom, fix this right now!



It is not just "Polls." When I try to get the results of "Surveys" I get the same "failed to generate" message!