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Poll order changing from template to created meeting




My organization uses meeting templates to create virtual training sessions. As of last Wednesday it appears that the poll order is changing from the order we have it in the template, to being organized by most recently edited poll in the meeting we create from the template.


I was wondering if there is a solution, I looked to edit one of the poll questions but it only lets me organize it by most/least recently edited. This does not really help when these templates are being used daily and for multiple resources.







I have been trying to figure this out as well. We need a separate poll for each agenda item, but sometimes new items are added in later and need to be added in the middle of the other agenda items. I cannot fathom why it doesn't allow you to order polls in any way you need them. I had to re-save each poll in reverse order so the last edited would show up at the top of the list and make it easier to push out in order during the meeting.