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Playing piano on Zoom for Ballet classes.



My job is to play piano for the zoom Ballet classes.   The sound delays so much on Zoom.  This is very difficult situation.  I see the teacher from one screen, and students  from other screens.  I play music, but none of them dance with the music, because of the latency.  I use the music software, "Logic Pro X" to have a piano sound, and I do "share computer audio" to play on zoom.  The sound latency may be the law of nature thing, but please let me know if you know anything to lower the latency on Zoom. 


Another question is that  for the "share computer audio",  I can not control the volume at all.  I turn the volume all the way up to Logic Pro X software, because others can not hear the sound.   They can change their audio setting to adjust the volume, but most of them can not hear me if my volume setting is normal. 


I have been watching so many YouTube videos for audio setting in zoom meetings, but they are very complicated.  All I want is to send a piano sound in the best quality I could with less latency and decent volume.  Please let me know!



Hi @Pianist323 


Are you getting direction or cues from the teacher, or other accompaniment - that is then out of sync from you to the class?


There should be some things, or some workarounds, that will at least help - though we may not able to able to solve this entirely.


I also DM'd you.