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Playing mp4 file from converted DVD (.vob)


I converted a .vob to .mp4 with Movadi after trying to play the DVD on my desktop computer and sharing the screen which led to it freezing 15 minutes in. So, after reading up on it, I converted to DVD file to a .mp4 file.


When I tried to play the .mp4 file via Advanced Sharing Video, Zoom said it didn't recognize the file. Why is that?


I've converted it now to a .mov file which Zoom recognizes. However, for some reason both the .mp4 and .mov files have audio and video that aren't synced.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @BBJ7, when sharing the video file here is what is supported according to our Sharing and playing a video KB article. 

  • Supported files
    • MOV or MP4 video file
      Note: Only the H.264 AVC codec for both mov and mp4 videos is supported. 

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