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How do I put photos from my desktop into a file to screen share?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @Gerry1 thanks for your post on the Zoom Community! When you share in Zoom you can share a particular application, like "Preview" on a Mac or maybe Windows Media on a Windows based system. If you open that application and then share in Zoom, select the application you want, you could cycle through photos.  You can also just share in Zoom and select Desktop to share everything, then when you open images on your desktop they will be sharing into Zoom since people will be seeing whatever you share on that screen. 


One other cool way to share is uploading PowerPoint slides as your virtual background. This would require you to upload your photos into PowerPoint but it's a cool way to upload your slides, then cycle through them with your picture in front. Instead of having a picture of a virtual background behind you, it ends up being your PowerPoint slides. You could have a different slide for each picture! 


More info here


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