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Participants kicked back to main session immediately after breakout rooms open


I have been encountering an issue with the Zoom breakout rooms. In all cases, I have been setting the rooms so that all pre-assigned participants are automatically moved to the breakout rooms when I open them.


However, I have noticed that when I open the rooms, some of the participants will be moved into the rooms, but will immediately return to the main session. (They're not returning on purpose, it seems like they'll join the rooms for 1 second before getting automatically moved back for whatever reason).


In some cases, they don't even get moved to the rooms at all, even though it's their first time being assigned to a room during the meeting. 


Has this happened to anyone before? Does anyone know of a potential fix to this? 



Yes, I have the same problem. Also, they will be assigned and will not automatically move to a room. I have to resign to another room and then reassign to the correct room.


Hi, this is exactly what I have been experiencing. My host does not know what to do and it is frustrating us both. 

I have read that I may need to enable the breakout room toggle, but I cannot find it anywhere and there isn’t an advanced option in my meeting settings. I am at my wits end. I am using both an iPad and an android phone. I do not have access to a laptop at the moment, so would really like a workable solution within what I do have available.

Any and all helpful suggestions will be appreciated 


 I am having this issue with one participant. Doesn't seem like anyone has a solution. Does customer service even check this?



I'm having the same issue one use out of 25 with an Android phone.  Assigned to room, clicks join, then immediately returns to session.  Maddening.  Hopefully an answer will appear.


yes, maddening! 



It is also happening in our meetings and we are looking for a solution. 


They can't be moved back into their pre-assigned rooms, either. And they don't see a join button again once they are kicked back to the main room. 



Thanks for contributing to this thread. I feel less alone in my frustration now.


I have managed to resolve it for myself in the meantime by not signing in using my andriod for sessions where I know we will be using breakout rooms. Not sure if android is the issue …. But my ipad manages just fine. (Whew!)

I saw somewhere about enabling a feature in a menu, but I cannot find that feature on any zoom menu on either of my devices, so I am still mystified but at least I can take part in sessions now. I hope this maybe helps someone out there in the meantime.


My problem participant is on an Android.  I wonder if it could be an outdated client issue.  I'm running on a PC and am an iPhone user, so pretty much useless in telling someone how to even check for updates on an Android.  Been working all week with 25 participants all over the US and Canada.  Workaround has been to accommodate the individual with the host and co-host for breakouts.  Last session tomorrow morning, so water is pretty much under the bridge.


Would be real nice if this community was moderated by people who could give proper answers though, aye? According to the spec i have been able to find my android should have no problems … I felt hurt because I was excluded, (no-ones fault, seems a zoom issue) and it was a voluntary thing I was in the other week that first raised this issue; in the upcoming sessions it is essential that I participate and I am glad I am not having to buy new tech!