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Participant screens black in gallery, not when pinned


We are a licensed enterprise school district. Students authenticate through our domain and use iPads for Zoom meetings. I have one student in a class who sees all other participants in the gallery as a black screen. If he taps their "box" to open in full screen, he can see them, but all other participants remain black in the gallery.

He is the only student in the class experiencing this, so it is not the host settings. He does not have the option to "stop incoming video" turned on. His camera is working and others can see him. 

We're stumped trying to figure this one out!



Hi JEArnts, this sounds like an iPad-specific issue. Is your IT department able to make sure the iPad is fully updated with its iOS? I would suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the Zoom app on that specific device. 

We tried reinstalling the app, but did not run an update on the iOS itself. He is on 15.6.1, so not too old, but perhaps it's a glitch in the version. We'll give that a try. Thank you.