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Participant is unable to move into breakout room


Participants are manually assigned to a breakout room, but there are instances when the participant is sent back to the main room. At this time, they are "grayed out" but still showing as a member of the room they were kicked out of. We are then unable to move them back into that group unless they rejoin the Zoom meeting. Any thoughts on what we can do to remedy this?



We are having a similar problem. When participants are sent to breakout rooms, the participant’s screen either freezes or they get dropped from the meeting altogether.


We had this last night, for the first time that I've seen. I set up breakout rooms for a meeting of just under 50 people, assigned them (without automatically sending them to the room) and Opened Breakout rooms. Several of them were stuck in the main room, but the Breakout Room screen showed them in the breakout room "Not joined". One (who was on an iPad) said she never got an invitation to join the room.


You can ask participants to check for break out room option on their zoom window

not a solution


this happens ALL THE TIME in my zoom sessions.  I end up either quickly moving them to another room and back to their room or have them reconnect.  I am pretty sure it is a glitch in how zoom handles and sees someone with some kind of disruption in their connection.  I have had a couple other facilitators tell me they have an option to move the person back to the main room and then re-assign them.  I dont have that option so there must be a setting I dont have right.