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Participant chat and name were being hijacked


During my Zoom conference, there were disturbing messages in the chat coming from 3 participants who I personally know would never do things like that.

This has happened a few times with different participant names.

Zoom bombers somehow can use the name of any random participant to send disturbing messages.


Does anyone have the same experience like this? I've researched Zoom bombing cases, but not one mentioned hijacking names and chats.



We're having that problem in a zoom meeting right now. The offender uses a different participant name with each vile post in the chat, so we can't isolate him/her and remove him/her. He/she is using real participant names (people we know and we know it isn't them posting) and we don't want to remove real participants.




We had the same experience as well. It seemed like it was kids just trying to be disruptive and offensive. In any case, we had to cancel the meeting because it was never clear exactly who was doing it. Help!!


We just had this happen this evening - October 24, 2022.  The people they impersonated were people we knew really well and wouldn't have said the horrible things they wrote.  We have photos of the chat messaging that was sent.  We removed the people we didn't know and the issue stopped. We just kept putting people we didn't know into the waiting room until it stopped. 


Please zoom figure out what the hole is in the security because we are using patched versions of Zoom (latest version) and these messages were absolutely vile and they have a way in which to do this and it is still happening and this first post was in July 2022. 


We had the same thing tonight. Someone started disrupting the meeting through their mic even though participant mics were muted at the start of the meeting. When I tossed them out they were able to come back in with other screen names and continued until I had to shut the meeting down. In addition they were able to post offensive language in the chat under a legitimate attendees username, which made no sense.