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Participant Unable to Unmute and Show Camera


My organization has a weekly recurring meeting link set up. One particular Mac user when joining the meeting with his gmail is never able to unmute or show his camera for this meeting. He can type in the chat. Everyone else who joins the meeting with personal emails are able to use the functions as normal. He has uninstalled and reinstalled his Zoom app so it's on the latest version. The meeting link is set so all participants can join at any time and it does not automatically mute them upon entry. We are baffled why this keeps happening. He can join the meeting, just not participate. We also set up a separate one-time meeting link and the same thing happened to him. He joins other zooms throughout the week with different organizations and does not have this problem. Any ideas?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @jhicks - Can you ask the user to try from a different system other than that Mac to see if it is all good or no

This is confirm whether it is specific to that Mac Instrument or the account related issue.


Hope this helps - Happy to help further!!
Thank you very much and have a great one!

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