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Package zoom_openSUSE_x86_64.rpm version is unsigned again


I use the openSUSE rpm package of the meetings desktop client
However, I definitely prefer to install software that is correctly cryptographically signed. But this package IS NOT!
This seems to happen occasionally.

However, the recent version 5.11.3 is not signed at all (see rpm -qpi output below), and the gpg signature validation fails because the signature is missing: see below line "Signature"

Name        : zoom
Version     :
Release     : 1
Architecture: x86_64
Install Date: (not installed)
Group       : default
Size        : 488438037
License     : see
Signature   : (none)
Source RPM  : zoom-
Build Date  : Di 19 Jul 2022 12:44:33 CEST
Build Host  : localhost
Relocations : / 
Packager    : Zoom Linux Team <>
Vendor      : Zoom Video Communications, Inc.
URL         :
Summary     : Zoom Cloud Meetings


Please fix your workflow!