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PWA remaining in control of a session after leaving that session?


We have a zoom account this past several years, and just came across an interesting problem with using the new PWA version of the Zoom App.  I am the administrator and often use a Chromebook to access Zoom.


We were running a training event, and my role was to open Zoom, pass the host privileges over to the facilitators and then leave the meeting.


I did this and I then wanted to switch over to our second Zoom account and do some scheduling and update some settings.  While making this transition, I got a new message from PWA referring to closing an open zoom meeting.   I had not seen this message before so I think, sure, close that other session, I’m not there any longer.  


And voila, that other session ended itself and the training closed inadvertently.  Of course, we jumped right back in and got the ball rolling again.


But, why?  What happened?  Why was my machine, a chromebook using WPA, still in control of that open session that I had left after passing over the host privileges?  Is this a feature?  Or perhaps a bug?  Is there a better or more correct way for me to completely leave a zoom session via WPA?