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PWA and chrombook quality issues


I have recently moved to a Chromebook for my business. I am running an intel i5 with 8 gigs of ram and trying to use zoom. When using zoom on this platform I found that support for the application is no longer there. Everything has moved to the android app or the PWA app. The PWA app has really bad camera and audio. I have confirmed that it is not my laptop as i have a fairly high spec chrome book. I also noticed that the functionality on the PWA app is limited. I cannot adjust video and limited audio options compared to the windows version. Is there any planned solutions to these problems. The app is limited in functionality and overall runs poorly. I am getting ready to terminate my subscription if I cannot find a solution to these issues. I have tried the android app and it has similar issues as it is designed to run on a phone platform or tablet. The app is not as responsive and options/customization is also limited.