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[PROBLEM] Zoom Chrome Extension Stopped Working?


Hello, Zoom Community.


I’ve been using Zoom since the start of 2020 (maybe earlier) and I love it. I use the Chrome extension with Google Calendar. It always works like a charm (I'm on the latest version of macOS and a very recent version of Chrome).


However, starting this past Saturday or Sunday (i.e., this past weekend), when I create an event in Google Calendar, add a title, and click ‘Make it a Zoom Meeting,’ I just get a spinner that never comes back. The same thing happens if I try to schedule a meeting directly from the extension (by clicking on the Zoom icon in the upper-right area of the browser).


Is there some larger problem going on (i.e., are others having this problem)? Or is it more likely that I messed up some setting somewhere? Any thoughts?


Thank you!



By the way, this is what I see. I've put a red circle around the spinner.