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PC slowing to a crawl when opening Zoom app, still slow after closing the app


I have a desktop PC with an old i7 CPU, 16Gb RAM, Geforce GTX 1650 GPU and Windows running on a SSD.

When I open the Zoom app, even without starting a call, my computer slows down. The mouse pointer starts to jump on screen instead of having a smooth flow.

Even when I'm in a Zoom call the resources are not topped. Zoom uses around 3% CPU, and overall GPU never crosses the 30% threshold and is below 50 degrees Celsius. RAM is less than 90% used and CPU is less than 20% overall.

I tried disabling hardware acceleration but it didn't worked. Again I don't have to start a call to see the mouse pointer jumping around the screen. The only solution is to restart the PC.

I noticed this a few months back, and it's getting pretty annoying.

Any suggestions?