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Owner and admins


If someone can please point me to where I need to look for more info on how to do this: There is one person that is the owner of 1 license account. He needs to add me as an admin on the account so that I am taking care of scheduling meetings, recording the meetings, and any problems during the zoom meetings taking place. My account is already associated with the owner account. However, when I login with my username it is defaulting to my basic 40 minute zoom meeting limit. Do ALL meetings need to be scheduled off of the owner's account, even if I'm an admin on that account and if that is the case, am I able to do the full admin of the meeting when it is taking place?? I'm sure this is a common issue and there is a way to properly do it, I just need to know where to look for the information on it. Thanks very much


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Roles such as owner and admin are different from licensing.
This means that you can designate a Basic user as an owner or administrator.
If you are an admin, you can manage your meetings.
For example, you can check the status of the meeting in the dashboard or join as a co-organizer to support the meeting.

Even if you are an administrator, if your license is Basic, there are some restrictions such as a 40-minute time limit when you hold a meeting.


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Thanks for the reply, let me clarify more...the owner, person A, has a pro license for 1. I've added myself onto the account as person B, with admin role. I want person B to be able to initiate and schedule the meetings, as well as do the admin while the meeting is taking place (recordings, chat, waiting room, etc). When I try to do this as person B, who has just a basic (i.e, 40 min limit, no recordings, etc), even though I'm admin for the pro license account, it is still limiting me to the basic plan. Trying to figure out how I go about doing this without person B ALSO having to have another license, since we're only using 1 license in the first place. Hopefully, this clarifies and any suggestions are very welcome as we have to get this setup correct next week for a group :)! Thank you.

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The account administrator has the possibility to change the license.
This means that if owner A has a Pro licence, and owner B has a Pro licence, then admin B can schedule a Pro meeting.
Unless you want to set a poll when you schedule the meeting, the content of the schedule is the same for both Basic and Pro.
All you need is for person B to have a Pro licence from before the meeting starts until the meeting finishes, and you can change it back after the meeting finishes.

Before the meeting
A:Pro->Basic then B:Basic->Pro
After the meeting
B:Pro->Basic then A:Basic->Pro
Person B is demanded a Pro license from before the start of the meeting until the end of the meeting.





Has there ever been any update on tis question?


Basic account security seperates the account owner or full admin from someone using the license to schedule meetings.


I think that the earlier question is a business owns a license - Let's say Church X.  Church X needs users who can conduct zoom meetings on behalf of the organization.  There may be multiple members who need to do this but never simultaneously. 


Zoom seems to have this backwards where the owner has the license and any admin or basic users can;t so meeting more than 40 min.


Like DW1, we need the owner to own and the operators to operate...   Not Zoom telling us to buy more licenses for each of the operators.


You presented a good work around but our operating users are not savy enough to switch licenses back n forth nor would we want to give them permissions to do so!



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Hi, @mmancuso13 

In this case, there is a way to use a host key, although this requires a bit of security precaution and is not recommended.
Schedule the meeting with a paid plan user account.
At this time, he/she can either set up a standby room that account members can bypass, or he/she can turn off the standby room.
Share the host key (6 digits) of the paid plan account with the user of the account you wish to host instead.
The user who will be the host can become the host by joining the meeting with their meeting ID and passcord, then clicking [Claim Host] in the Participants window and entering the host key.