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Outlook Zoom Plugin Replaces Event Description with the Zoom Default Invitation


I know other users have shared this problem, but Zoom has yet to provide a solution so seeing if there are any updates.


Sometimes when editing an Outlook meeting that has zoom meeting information added via the Zoom Outlook Plugin, a popup appears indicating that the "event description will be replaced with the Zoom default invitation." Effectively, by using the Zoom plugin I no longer have the option to provide any informative meeting info in meeting invites, which is ridiculous. Even more problematically, sometimes this overrides Outlook's ability to give me the option or not whether to send and update to invitees, and automatically sends a meeting update to all invitees. This is completely unacceptable. 


Zoom Support People: please prioritize providing a solution to this problem.



Yes! UNACCEPTABLE! this integration has become BACKWARDS, DEFECTIVE, COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE from logging in to sending pertinent information, to rescheduling. Bring back the good old days when we could simply auto-include a link in a calendar item and invite people, please 🙏