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Outlook 2016 - Zoom addin




is anyone on outlook 2016 version getting a zoom error with the add-in? (O365 zoom plugin enabled). all of our users both mac and windows are getting this..







I'm Pizzalover28 and I will be glad to be assisting you today. 

Are both your zoom and outlook versions up to date? 

If not, please update them. 

Aditionally, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling both apps again, or rebooting your computer. 

Also, it may be good to check if your computer's software is up to date too. 

Kind regards: 


Both outlook and zoom are up to date.

uninstalling/restarting has not helped, is this a known issue at the moment? It seems to have occurred over the last few days

Hi again. 

I am not an outlook user so I don't have any expertise on that what so ever so I really don't know. Is your computer's software up to date?

Hi! I have an issues with Zoom plugin on my macbook air with bigSur OS. Even though I installed the plugin to outlook and trying to schedule a meeting with zoom it doesn't work and I can't schedule a meeting with the plugin.