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Otter.AI - How to block from joining meetings?


For our account, we have native Recording and Transcription disabled, unless pre-authorized, due to our very strict security and legal policies.


We just learned that an Otter.AI bot, used by an external user, auto joined a call (Hosted by us) as 'user_otterpilot'. Once the meeting was over, the full transcript of the meeting was emailed to all users on the invitation - based on integration with the external users calendar. 


When the Otterpilot AI is recording/transcribing, the Host and all attendees are unaware that this meeting is being recorded. 


Does anyone know how we can block these bots from joining our internal calls?  All IP's are different and I can't find out what domain the account is using to attempt blocking that way. 





I'm trying Blocking users in specific domains and adding as blocked


We are in the same boat... I attempted to block a similar service ( and while definitely enabled at the admin level, "fred@ the domain mentioned above" was still able to join my meeting....


Fred is the AI assistant you invite to your meeting and the address literally is fred at


I have a ticket open as this is a massive compliance hole that needs to be filled ASAP.


I just had this experience with a person somehow enabling their Otter.Ai assistant to enter the meeting representing them. This is a HUGE PRIVACY issue.  Is Zoom doing something to provide a way for hosts to block these AI applications? 


We have dug into this with further to understand the Otter.AI process. We have learned that some users choose to allow for the Otter.AI bot to scan/join all meetings within their Calendar service - and will join every meeting automatically even when they do not personally attend. I would recommend reaching out to your Zoom CSM - we have requested to have Zoom block all Otter.AI bots from joining our internal links and they are working on this now. Its our understanding that Zoom is fully engaged with Otter.AI and is looking for a resolution immediately.  In the interim, we have advised our users to remove any user with the surname of "OtterPilot" as that will never change. 


Are there any updates, was your zoom CSM able to block otter AI?



We were just told from Zoom Customer Support that we can't block Otter.AI. We did a little sleuthing and learned that the location of the Otter users were all Boardman, Oregon, so we are blocking users from that location in our settings. It's a start to prevent access until something can be created to block this.


I recently encountered a situation where someone enabled their Otter.Ai assistant to join a meeting on their behalf. This presents a significant privacy concern. Is Zoom taking any steps to allow hosts the option to block such AI applications from entering their meetings?