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Other people can't hear me while I'm on earphones


I'm a new Zoom user, and I'm facing a quite strange issue: on an Asus VivoBook Laptop, with Windows 11, and with earphones plugged in, people can't hear me. They can hear me as soon as I unplug the earphones.


The really strange part is that I tested the audio in the settings, and both speaker and mic worked in the tests (hearing clearly my voice by the earphones)!


I tried in another meeting, and again while I'm wearing earphones, others can't hear me.

Help me please!!



In the Zoom client, open settings, select AUDIO and see what Zoom is trying to use for both speaker and mic would be the first thing I would try.  Good luck!

Both are the default Realtek(R) Audio, seems to not be the issue. 😞

But in that section there's input level indicators that will jump around when your speaking, if that's not happening your mic isn't set right or not being detected.