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Original Sound: On/OFF Toggle ARGH!


I find the "Original Sound: On/OFF" Toggle REALLY confusing.

Is it ON when it says it's on, or IS IT OFF when it reads on...??

RADIO BUTTONS would be so much clearer.


Note Taker

When you have selected a device to apply "original sound" to it will show as on. If the original sound is not being applied to any devices then it is off. 

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Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

In some older versions of Zoom the wording and logic was more confusing. Just be sure you are up-to-date in Zoom.


It used to be :

"Turn Original Sound On" (when it was off), and;

"Turn Original Sound Off" (when it was On)


Now it is:


"Original Sound: On" (when it is On), and;

"Original Sound: Off (when it is Off)


When Original Sound is on, the features will be applied/un-applied according to your what you have set in your Sound Settings in Zoom.

I see the change. Now another confusion. We are a group of meditation teachers who use a bell to signal the end of meditation. We have to constantly toggle between original sound on (bell is not truncated) and voice of teacher is good AND original sound off (bell is truncated) and voice of teacher is too soft. The weird part is that for some of us it works to keep the original sound off and the bell is not truncated. It has become a nightmare for us. Any advice?


Thanks all for clarifying.