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Organization members taking down other members


I'm an education user. We have 20 staff members as teachers and each individual login is connected to their individual class. Even though they don't have any connections or co-host my school's class meetings. When a member enters his class, the zoom releases a response that he is already connected to another meeting if he wants to end the meeting he is currently in to join this other one that he needs to teach the class. When he clicks YES it drops another meeting with all students and the member who is the teacher of another class is also dropped. Even if none of the two are registered in the same classes. To each his own specifies this error occurs.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer


This sounds very much like the account credentials are being shared by two or more people. Zoom will give  this message if a user account is on a meeting and another meeting is started with the same account credentials.


"If the host or alternative host tries to start a different meeting at the same time, they will be prompted to end the first meeting"


The solution is for each user to host meetings with their own account.



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