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Open the same room in #areas / countries



How is it possible for different people in the same group from different countries/locations to open a Zoom meeting easily and without code? Currently, the code is sent to an e-mail address.
Hope it is clear enough...



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @Remy78.


I'm not sure I understand your question.  Are you asking about having different people being able to start meetings under the same account?  Sharing credentials or provide Zoom's service to other people is a violation of Zoom's Terms of Service.  Please see the Zoom Terms of Service here:


However, if you are asking about having other people occasionally stand in for you in your own scheduled meetings, there are several scenarios for allowing someone else to host a meeting in your absence.

  1. Scheduling Privilege is normally used when there's an assistant or a colleague who will need to substitute-host often
  2. If you just need a one-off substitute and the substitute is on the same corporate account as you, the Alt-Host option might be more suited (and less work initially).
  3. If one or the other is not true (not Licensed, or not on the same account), then your only option is the Host Keymethod.

Note that both Scheduling Privilege and Alt-Host methods require that both accounts be on the same account and both be Licensed (paid) accounts. Only Host key will work if either of those requirements are not met.


See these Zoom Support articles for more information: 


Scheduling Privilege Additional Info:

Scheduling Privilege can be set up one-way or bidirectionally. Often an executive just needs an assistant to be able to schedule meetings and occasionally start them in the exec's absence, so the exec sets up Scheduling Privilege to allow the assistant to do so. If two colleagues (like teaching faculty) frequently stand in for one another, then both would assign Scheduling Privilege to the other. This can also work for more than two individuals.


Note that the person to whom Scheduling Privilege is assigned will have an additional drop-down to display either just their own meetings, just the other person's meeting, or all of them.


Alt-Host Additional Info:

The alternative host must start the meeting using the join link in an email sent to them by the host. The meeting will not display in the upcoming meetings list in the desktop client, mobile app, or web page for alternative hosts.


Host Key Additional Info:

Essentially, locate (and if desired, edit) your Host Key from your profile on the Zoom Web Portal. Set your meeting up with a Passcode, disabled Waiting Rooms, and enable Join Before Host (I recommend 15 minutes). Give your Host Key to your "substitute host", who will enter the room and use the Claim Host menu to become the host.


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