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One new Pro account - other colleagues "unable" to log-in




I have created one new Zoom Pro account with ID & Password - for use by multiple people.


My colleagues are "unable" to "Sign In" to this account from their computers using the ID & Password - when I am "not" Signed In.


I need to resolve this issue today. My colleagues need to use this account.


Is there perhaps some 'setting' I incorrectly set or did not set when creating this account that is preventing my colleagues from "Signing In"?


Please help. Thank you, Lawrence


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Please see the Zoom Terms of Service here: 

Note that sharing an account among multiple users is against the Zoom TOS. I know some people do it... but asking for help here is like going to a police station and asking for help in conducting a robbery -- not a good idea.

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