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OTP system a complete failure. Zoom you are loosing customers


We're using Zoom in our school, and we use multiple accounts. Every single account can be used by multiple teachers, thus each time a teacher is using an account and at the same time an OTP is sent by email, we're required to forward the emails to every teacher to ensure the current user will receive the OTP.

Therefore teachers are flooded by emails, accounts often locked or blacklisted (no OTP sent).


Congratulation to the the manager who invented this system which is a complete failure. We're quitting zoom, and saving money


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



We are sorry for the inconvenience OTP may cause. Just to be clear that the basis for OTP is for security purposes and to ensure Zoom can verify the actual owner of the account. Sharing accounts on Zoom (both a security risk and does not align with our terms of service) will inadvertently cause an OTP response due to Zoom detecting logins from different locations and devices. 


That being said, if you reach out to your Account Rep and aligned Solutions Engineer on the account, we may be able to find a solution whether it is to change the log in method or making an internal request to disable the feature (no guarantees - but it might be looked into on a case by case basis by security)


Pls review our TOS here at under 'Use of services and your responsibilities' as well as 

info and FAQ regarding Zoom OTP:


Zoom, whatever your reply was, this system is not working. There is only person in our organization to have access to that account which cannot be reached outside of office hours. We have online classes running in weekends and totally doomed with these random no pre warning OTP requests.