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OBS screen capture fail to detect Zoom window


We are using OBS with Zoom at our camera club to supply a feed to members who cannot attend in person. In OBS there is an option to “Window Capture” where you select the window title required. When I use this with Zoom the window title does not remain the same, changing from Zoom.exe to Zoom Merting.exe in what appears a random way. Is there a guaranteed setup that will keep the window title the same or have others found an alternative method to use with OBS. By default I am sharing the OBS projector output to Zoom, which depending on the required scene configuration could have a full Zoom window display or it could occupy a portion of the display.





Launch Zoom and OBS.
In OBS, under Sources, click the + icon and select Display Capture.
Name the capture whatever you want, then click OK.
Choose the monitor to display the video from the dropdown list.
Uncheck the Capture Cursor box.
Click OK when you're satisfied with the choice.


This may help.

Thanks for your input, however I have tried the three capture methods in OBS (Window/Display/Game) and only "Window" provides the type of feed I need. I have carried out more testing and it does appear more stable if Zoom is opened before OBS but under certain conditions the window title reverts to Zoom instead of Zoom Meeting which results in the capture source being unavailable in OBS. As soon as the Zoom meeting starts I am screen sharing one of the "projector outputs" from OBS so it essential that the Zoom window remains available to send it to the participants.