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OBS and Zoom in conjunction with IRIUN and an Iphone


I use Zoom and OBS for Video Conferences.  I also use IRIUN to use my Iphone as a webcam.  This combination works fine for Teams (OBS, IRIUN, and IPHONE) using the Virtual Camera of OBS.  The OS platform I am using is UBUNTU 21.10.  When I try to use this combination with Zoom the Virtual Camera dosen't show up in the camera selection section, the iriun camera does, but when selected it only shows a grey screen.  If I use Zoom with iriun and my Iphone it works fine, it also works fine if I just OBS and a USB web cam.  Zoom finds the Virtual Camera just fine.

Thanks for any suggestions.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @ov10fac apologies its been a bit since you've posted this discussion, but would love to better understand your setup here. So with IRIUN, are you running IRIUN as an video input into OBS and then choosing OBS as an input option for your camera source? 

Zoom Community Moderator

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