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OBS Virtual Camera Not Working After Updates 2023


I'm actually just posting this as an update for 2023 because I was unable to find a current specific solution to my problem anywhere online.


Problem: OBS Virtual Camera was working and then stopped working in Zoom. The stream / feed from OBS was not showing up in Zoom. When OBS VC was selected, Zoom just showed my virtual background image instead.

Activating & deactivating the virtual camera in zoom and OBS did not resolve the issue. Updating both software did not resolve the issue.


Solution: What resolved the issue was going into my Zoom video settings and blurring the background with the OBS Virtual Camera active. Zoom immediately picked up OBS. Then when I unblurred it, the OBS feed showed up just fine.


Fingers crossed that this continues to work and that this solution helps someone.


I'm running Windows 10 and the latest versions of Zoom and OBS as of the date of this post.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Just reading this now - I'm running latest versions of Zoom Client (x64) and OBS (x64) on Win10 also - no issues with virtual camera being recognized and functioning right off the bat.


I'm having the same problem with Mac OS Sonoma after my update. Does anyone know what to do ?

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

OBS 30.0 (latest) includes a note on the following:

  • Reworked the virtual camera on macOS to work with all applications (on macOS 13 and newer) [gxalpha/PatTheMav]


Can you confirm you're running OBS 30.0 on Mac?


I am running 30.0 and am having the same problem.


i am facing the same issue, OBS virtual camera starts but it doesn't show on zoom video 

Please help 


Hi There!  I have also faced the same issue using Mac - I did not get to test prior to updating zoom and obs, I naturally updated prior to testing (silly mistake).    I will go across to windows to try, but currently on Mac running latest OS with latest zoom and OBS the virtual camera does not appear in zoom. 😞


I just updated to 30.0.2 and VC seems to be working again on ZOOM