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No sound in my Windows Zoom Client while my speaker is working well


My speaker is working well in any other Clients while no sound came out in my Zoom Client, no matter in meeting or in the audio testing (Thinkpad, windows 10, 64 bit). 

Everything is fine if I use the online Zoom in browser. So the problem only exists in Zoom Client.


My situation is very similar to a related post "No sound output from any device with Zoom app".  But I tried the as-mentioned solutions, to install the previous versions. Still no sound came out... I also tried to reinstall my zoom by using different versions and reinstall my Audio Driver. Failed all the time...

Any other suggestions or solutions, please? 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @1yao, suggest looking into our KB on Testing audio before Zoom Meetings, secondly if you're still not having any output audio from the client, suggest looking into configuring the audio output of your computer first to ensure your outputs are configured correctly as Zoom pulls any audio output available from your OS. Lastly, maybe look into your audio settings on Enabling or Disabling the Sound Output Device in Windows 11/10


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