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No phone number provided w Calendly integration


From Calendly, I initiated a Zoom integration. Now, when people schedule meetings with me, they get a link, but no phone numbers to call in. How do I get the phone numbers? (They only show up if I make the invite from Zoom myself.)


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer


I use Calendly too. The zoom meeting invitation email is generated within Calendly, and you’re right – they don’t provide any dial in info.  I think they’re trying to keep the information simple, so there’s just the link. You can set a Calendly meeting to allow the person to select either phone call or Zoom meeting; if they select phone call, they have to provide a phone number and you call them directly.

Any change you want should be directed to Calendly.

Note that you could send a follow up email to your Calendly participant and include the full Meeting invite.

My preference:  I prefer to meet over Zoom, so I only allow for a 15 minute call by phone via Calendly – a 30 or 60 minute meeting has to be set up over Zoom only, and I prefer not to have phone participants.  But that’s just me!

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