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No audio/toolbar for users when in Breakout Room


Hope someone can help. Have two regular participants at meetings. One using Huawei tablet and one using Amazon fire. Recently have experienced spasmodic problem of when being out in breakout rooms, they get stuck on the ‘entering breakout room page’. They can hear everyone else and sometimes can be heard but can’t see anything and have no user control. Have deleted and reinstalled app, but no joy. Any other suggestions?! Many thanks 


Zoom Moderator

Hey @AJC, so Huawei isn't actually 'supported' even though it can be installed by an APK for Android. Or should be able to access* the Google Playstore, where you could then download the Zoom App, did they go that route? 


I'd also make sure the version of Zoom they're using is up to date; to participate in breakout rooms, they need to be on version 5.3.0 or higher. I don't think the Amazon Fire tablet should be having any problems, right? After updating, they can check the Android section of the KB article Participating in breakout rooms to see if their device is compatible.

Let me know what you find -- look forward to your reply! 😄


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Did you end up finding a solution? I have a participant that is having the exact same problem!


No sadly, Zoom came back and said they thought it was something to do with their service providers. We found if we left the ‘join’ option rather than automatically assigning break out rooms that helped sometimes. The other thing we do is, use the main room as one breakout room for those who have any trouble. A work around rather than fix 😊 


Hello! I too am using Zoom on a regular basis on a corporate subscription and 3 out of 70 participants are experiencing the same issue - when they join a breakout room the screen hangs on the 'entering breakout room page’ page. All 3 users have Huawei tablets with different ISP - it's most definetly not a internet conectivity situation. I've worked enough in call centers to tell you that they simply didn't know what to do and made up an excuse. Most likely the issue is caused by the fact that they do not test their updates on Huawei devices. 


As you mentioned the only work around is to have them reconnect several times and even switch them between breakout rooms until eventually it works correctly.


Rather sad to see Zoom handle a technical situation in by simply ignoring it.