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No audio options to select Wireless Earphones on Amazon Fire Tablet 11


Zoom v. 5.16.10


I cannot get any sound through my earbuds. They pair with the device and everything else works fine (YouTube, Messenger etc.). I have uninstalled and re-installed. No avail.


I have enabled all permissions (Mic, Camera, Phone) for hte Zoom app. There just isn't anywhere to select the earbuds as the audio device. 


Sound comes out of the device speaker (not earbuds) and no-one can hear me speak, so the device Mic function is also being disabled. When I disconnect from the Wireless Earbuds, my Mic is enabled again, and people can hear me.


Tried Zoom App, and Silk Browser, and still no sound. 


Hugely frustrating. Bought the tablet for meetings, using the earbuds. My android phone works fine with them on Zoom. 


Help is much appreciated.


Thank you