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No Record button in Chromebook


I have a Chromebook and want to record local only. Account settings for Record are Local. When I open Zoom, there is no record icon. Even when enabling Cloud recording, still no Record icon.  I also have a desktop with Win10, and the Record icon is there.  So maybe Chromebook and Zoom are incompatible?  I have a Pro plan. Too bad that is not good enough for a Chat with Zoom support.  I uninstalled the app, then install the web version. No change. Is the Chromebook useless with Zoom??? Thanks.


Note Taker | Zoom Employee
Note Taker | Zoom Employee

Hi @mksmith44, welcome to the Zoom community! The version of Zoom that runs on Chromebook is not able to record locally. You can still record to the cloud if you have a paid Zoom account, but beyond that there's no workaround to record locally on Chromebooks right now. 


How would you record if there's no record button?  It's been a year, I have a paid account and still there's no button in the ribbon at the bottom to record.  It only appears on my PC.  Is it the version of ChromeOS that I'm running?

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



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See the table linked below for a comparison of features between the Zoom desktop clients, mobile apps, web client, and PWA (Progressive Web App).



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I have this same issue. I have chromebook hp xbox360 and I can not record. I have an apple iphone and I can not record. I am hesitant to buy a membership and not be able to record on my laptop.