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No Record button in Chromebook


I have a Chromebook and want to record local only. Account settings for Record are Local. When I open Zoom, there is no record icon. Even when enabling Cloud recording, still no Record icon.  I also have a desktop with Win10, and the Record icon is there.  So maybe Chromebook and Zoom are incompatible?  I have a Pro plan. Too bad that is not good enough for a Chat with Zoom support.  I uninstalled the app, then install the web version. No change. Is the Chromebook useless with Zoom??? Thanks.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @mksmith44, welcome to the Zoom community! The version of Zoom that runs on Chromebook is not able to record locally. You can still record to the cloud if you have a paid Zoom account, but beyond that there's no workaround to record locally on Chromebooks right now.