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No Phone Number assigned in Invite


Phone numbers no longer appear in the 'Copy Invitation' screen and this has already caused a problem this morning for folks who don't have desktop audio (Microphone) capabilities. What changed?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @ablack2,


Please confirm that the meeting host is not on a Basic account.  Dialing into meetings is not included on unpaid accounts.  Another possibility, if you are not in the same region as your meeting host, is that they do not have dial-in capability enabled for international attendees.  This is a paid additional service in some cases, and has to be enabled by the host's account owner or admin.


Meeting and Webinar invitations for licensed (paid) accounts include the available dial-in information by default.  Sometimes meeting hosts only include the Join URL and basic meeting information in an Email, and don't include the dial-in info, thinking that nobody does that.  You and I know different; sometimes you have to ask the host for the dial-in info in advance, if it's not included in the email.


FYI, if you have previous invitations with dial-in information for your region, you should be able to use that, if the meeting host has not disabled telephone connections.  

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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