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No Option for Local Recording


I recently tried to record a zoom meeting. Then was confused when I could not find it available as a local recording. After starting another meeting, I realized that the recording button said it would start a cloud recording, with no other option to record locally. My application version is 5.9.1


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello - Please ensure that you have the local recording option enabled. For information on enabling local recording as an option, please visit



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Gregg Glowinski

Gregg: (the following applies to the desktop app of Zoom on a MAc.

I followed your instructions, and restarted Zoom after disabling cloud recording (local recording was already enabled). When I  started a new meeting, however, I only see an option to record to the cloud in "More", and the Record button only asks"Record this to the Cloud?"

(This was after I DISABLED Cloud recording.

Where is the option for a host to record locally? 

And will that recording be higher resolution than 640x360?