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Newest verson of Zoom for Linux mint crashes during screen sharing


I'm using Linux Mint 21.2 and never had a problem with screen sharing, (sharing a video).  I downloaded and installed Zoom Version: 5.16.1 (8561) 64 bit on Monday 9/25/23. Zoom works until I attempt to start Screen Sharing. The video plays fine until the Screen Sharing process tries to start and then the video player crashes and Zoom sometimes crashes along with it. I tried using VLC and Haruna and both crash immediately.  Tried uninstalling and re-Installing Zoom but to no avail. Can I install a previous version of Zoom for now? Need help as I sometime run a Zoom Meeting.



I've the same problem. I'm also using Linux Mint 21.2 and zoom crashes when I join a zoom session with screen sharing activated or the host start sharing his screen. Problem also happens in Linux Mint 19.1 and Linux Mint 21.1 when I'm forced to use the latest zoom client. In the past I was able to use zoom without problems in Linux Mint 19.1 and 21.1 with an older zoom client. However now once is forced to upgrade to the newer zoom client on those older Mint systems...Crash happens with zoom (from Mint software library) and 5.16.10 (downloaded from zoom website). I hope this problem is solved soon because this isn't the quality I expect from a market leader as zoom. My temporarily workaround is joining via the web browser.